S1T2 looking for Realtime Lead Unreal Engine (Sydney)

Realtime team

S1T2 is looking for an Unreal Engine veteran who enjoys being part of an ambitious team exploring new spaces with the engine.

A shepherd who has an intimate relationship with the engine, it’s architecture and it’s application across real time projects and team members. Someone who’s seen and knows what it takes to get real time into the world.

The role involves working with creative, art and technical directors to determine project scopes and pain points, knowing their own team’s capabilities to tailor projects before they hit development. We’re looking for someone who gets a kick out of doing wild things with others and helping those around them grow. 

Our team adventures together have developed capabilities with;

  • Evolving development – strong architecture design – we believe in building a strong base for our projects to evolve as our ideas do. 
  • Platform agnostic approach – from nDisplay/standalone on windows, android/iOS, VR – every project is different and we don’t like to pigeonhole ourselves. 
  • Integrating external tracking software and other SDKs – We love finding new ways of interacting with technology. 
  • Virtual production tools like nDisplay 
  • Automated testing pipeline 
  • Continuous integration with tools like Jenkins 
  • Custom network message layer – Raw TCP/UDP, OSC, HTTP via REST and MQTT – Our projects talk with many other devices and services from audio and lighting desks to online analytics API’s 
  • Pushing the engine to its potential using experimental features 
  • Optimisation and stability – our projects live in the world in weird ways, sometimes they need to run for 24/7 for months on end. 

If you’re interested, reach out to creative@s1t2.com let us know what interests you about the role, any questions along with your CV, portfolio and any additional material that helps paint a picture of what you’re all about. 

About S1T2

At Story 1st Technology 2nd we create interactive experiences that immerse audiences in the future of storytelling. We collaborate with adventurous teams at cultural institutions, brands and social impact initiatives across Asia, the Middle East, Pacific and United States. We’re a multidisciplinary team whose experiences harness the powers of interactive storytelling which we develop and explore through our own creative process.  

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S1T2 Realtime team members at Tyama, Melbourne Museum

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