Worlds largest interactive projection unveiled at the Dubai World Expo

Al Wasl Plaza displays interactive projection ‘Become a Guardian of Al Wasl’ by creative studio S1T2 as part of Dubai World Expo.

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Become a Guardian of Al Wasl, our huge interactive projection experience with AIM at the Dubai World Expo.

Using over 250 projectors to light up the stunning Al Wasl Plaza, the experience brings visitors together in an unforgettable interactive story. Brought to life with artificial intelligence, facial recognition and real-time rendering, Become a Guardian of Al Wasl invites visitors to become part of the world of the Expo as central characters in their very own story.

Close up of digital avatar design beside ‘Create Your Avatar’ UI screen from ‘Become a Guardian of Al Wasl’ interactive projection at the Dubai World Expo.

Stepping up to one of nine ‘interaction pods’, visitors scan their face as they begin the process of generating their own digital avatar. Then visitors are invited to use their imaginations – and the tablet device of the interaction pod – to customise the look and feel of their avatar.

This unique experience gives families the chance to become the faces of the future in the world’s largest projection show. A magical memory they can share with loved ones across the world.

Christopher Panzetta
Creative Director

Once visitors are happy, their avatar will launch into the skies above, dynamically rendered in real-time onto the massive projection surface. Here they interact with other avatars and the vibrant environment around them, drawing visitors through the exhibition plaza on a journey to protect our planet.

Close up of world’s largest interactive projection ‘Become A Guardian of Al Wasl’ created by S1T2 for Dubai World Expo.

As the world’s largest interactive projection experience, Become a Guardian of Al Wasl has been immensely popular among visitors to the Dubai World Expo, with over 300 guests per hour personalising and launching the avatars across the dome. The experience is open through the duration of the Expo (until the end of March 2022), and will feature specialised environments for key holidays and major events through the new year.

Collection of images showing audiences at the Dubai World Expo interacting with creative studio S1T2’s large-scale interactive projection experience.

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Exterior shot of Al Wasl Plaza on Dubai skyline while showcasing S1T2’s interactive projection experience ‘Become a Guardian of Al Wasl’.

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