Story 1st, Technology 2nd

Our approach

Our approach puts story first.

We’ve spent years refining a creative process that not only generates new ideas, but transforms them into unforgettable experiences, no matter the culture, country or client.

Discover an empathetic understanding of the problem + opportunity


The first step in any of our projects is to get inside the story we’re trying to tell.

During the Discover phase, we work to figure out what’s needed and uncover what’s possible. To achieve this, we’ll immerse ourselves completely in the world of the project and its unique problem space.

Through research and workshops involving the active participation of users, collaborators and stakeholders, we’ll look into the issues and opportunities of the project. This helps us grow our understanding of the context and audience, as we work to define the limitations and possibilities that will shape the rest of the process.

Design ideas that capitalise on the unique value proposition

S1T2 team member brainstorms ideas with storyboards on a wall during the Design phase.

A strong idea is nothing without execution. To get us there, we need to refine what we’ve learnt into a singular, cohesive response.

The Design phase is where we begin to construct the story we’re trying to tell. Grounded in a deep understanding of the problem space, we’ll explore the project from different angles and perspectives.

At this point, it is our team’s capacity for lateral thinking that sets us apart, and we pride ourselves on having a multidisciplinary team determined to create original, meaningful work.

We won’t be satisfied until we’ve created a compelling set of designs that reflects our commitment to your vision.

Develop prototypes to collaboratively test + refine the idea


During the Develop phase, our commitment to delivering technical excellence takes centre stage.

Our team of creative storytellers take a functional approach to development, iterating in sprints to prototype, test and review the work as a continuous, collaborative response to the problem space. As we investigate the practicalities of our designs, new problems inspire improved solutions. 

From inception to deployment, our process dissolves traditional boundaries separating creatives and developers, in turn allowing us to achieve harmony between idea and execution. This is where imagination becomes reality.

We thrive on the unique and unexpected challenges that arise in crafting powerful stories across many mediums as we aspire to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Deploy the solutions, systems + training that bring the idea to life


The Deploy phase is when we take everything we’ve learnt and translate it into a comprehensive outcome.

An important part of this process is facilitating the actual implementation of what we create – whether that be an immersive experience, web platform, education program or museum exhibition.

In addition to rolling out the solution, we’ll build the systems and provide the training to support its success across time.

Creating world-class work means being ready to overcome inevitable bumps in the road, but we’re dedicated to making sure that each and every project is the best it can be.

Iterate based on new insights revealed throughout the project


As the project draws to a close, we begin looking to the future.

Having set up relevant measures for evaluation that allow us to track progress and success through hard evidence, we’ll take the time to respond to the new knowledge and findings that have been revealed.

This means pausing to reflect on what we’ve created, gaining insights that inform and enrich our processes.

We share these observations not only with our own team, but with our clients, collaborators and the wider community. That way, the learnings of each project live on long after its completion.

Art Gallery of NSW team visits the S1T2 studio to give feedback on interactive touch wall progress.

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