A digital twist on traditional art at #JapanSupernatural

Still frame from the Japan Supernatural exhibition opening animated projection.

This month, we’ve launched two new artworks with the Art Gallery of NSW as part of their summer exhibition, Japan Supernatural. The show brings you face-to-face with a vibrant array of phenomenal beings – ghosts, goblins and other extraordinary monsters – from the rich spiritual world of Japanese folklore. 

We’ll be telling you all about our works in the exhibition – and the process of bringing them to life – over the coming weeks. But in the meantime, here’s a quick rundown and some snaps from bump in and opening night.

Supernatural silhouettes

The first artwork is a double-sided circular projection marking the entryway of the show. Seen from both outside and inside the exhibition space, the piece features an array of supernatural creatures from throughout the exhibition, giving visitors an intriguing glimpse into what lies within.

The making of S1T2’s circular double-sided projection with Art Gallery of NSW for Japan Supernatural.

Interactive touch wall

A little further into the exhibition is our second work, an interactive touch wall. This piece brings to life some of the yokai – household spirit's prominent in Japanese folklore – from Hiroharu Itaya’s 18th century handscroll 'Night procession of the hundred demons (Hyakki yagyō)'. With delicate animations and conductive paint, the work retains the rich beauty of Itaya’s masterpiece while using motion and interaction to reimagine its stories for modern audiences.

Time lapse photo of constructing the interactive touch wall for the Japan Supernatural exhibition.
During bump in for the interactive touch wall at the Art Gallery of NSW Japan Supernatural.
Woman looks at animated yokai on the interactive touch wall created by S1T2 for the Japan Supernatural exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.

The Japan Supernatural exhibition is now open at the Art Gallery of NSW, and will run until the 8th of March 2020. Tickets can be purchased from the AGNSW website.

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