Exploring the future of story

Who we are

S1T2 stands for Story 1st, Technology 2nd. We create interactive experiences that immerse audiences in the future of storytelling through technology.

We collaborate with adventurous teams at cultural institutions, brands and social impact initiatives across Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific and the United States.

Our experiences harness the powers of interactive storytelling, which we develop and explore through our own collaborative creative approach

The future’s easy to imagine; our purpose is reaching its potential

Why we exist

Stories shape the world. But life is never linear.

Each moment is filled with potential. By creating stories that we can step into, change, and revisit, we ask how things can be different – how we can be different.

At S1T2, we believe the technology of today can help us tell these stories of tomorrow, unlocking new possibilities for connection and understanding.

We exist to realise the promise of this emergent potential.

Exploration changes everything

Revealing new possibilities through our own creations

How we do it

For us, exploration and experimentation is about more than making the most of each project. It’s about creating our own projects that push us all forward.

While we see every project as an opportunity to develop our team and our craft, the work that we create for ourself is the truest test of our talents.

These innovative experiences, programs and technologies are the proof of our purpose. We create them as a way of actively and deliberately pushing the frontiers of storytelling across entertainment, education and art.

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A diverse team of individuals making the most of their talents

The people

Like our stories, S1T2 is human. We are defined by our individuals.

People here come from all communities and backgrounds, with a vast array of skills and perspectives. It’s this cognitive diversity, bound by shared purpose and ambition, that makes S1T2 possible.

S1T2 team members read over script for Westpac Mission Dust Storm training video.

Our work challenges us to continuously grow; to manage the ambiguity that comes from working at the edge and revel in the freedom it brings.

This reality is heavy with responsibility, but it has created a culture of spirited, driven and pragmatic individuals capable of pushing further than others dare.

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S1T2 team member works behind the scenes on putting together interactive light installation Revive the Reef

Collaborating with adventurous clients on complex challenges

The work

The ultimate expression of our efforts are the experiences we create. We strive to spend our time on projects that prove our purpose.

Our greatest successes have come from deep collaborations with ambitious people at inventive brands, cultural institutions, government organisations and NGOs around the world.

This journey has shown us that diversity is best bridged by a shared desire to do meaningful and memorable things – no matter the industry, medium or audience.

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Creating ambitious experiences the world over

The journey

Working in hidden communities of the Pacific Islands to palaces of the Middle East, we have come to appreciate the universality of storytelling. We have found that it is a medium unbound by geography or financial circumstance.

The experiences we create with our clients have not only grown our team’s professional skills, but broadened our horizons conceptually and spiritually. They are how we realise, again and again, the unique potential of storytelling through technology.

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