Immersive artwork Fall debuting at Vivid Sydney 2022

3D render of Fall immersive light artwork debuting at Vivid Sydney 2021.

We’re very proud to announce a brand new light installation debuting at Vivid Sydney 2021.

With longer droughts, harsher bushfires and deeper floods, communities across Australia and around the world are being forced to reckon with a future where water. What once seemed an abundant resource is now under constant threat. 

Fall is a sensory experience encouraging greater awareness of our relationship with water. As if from a leaking tap, drips of light form and fall from the sensory experience, splashing to the ground in a rhythmic representation of water scarcity.

Building anticipation with each inconsistent drip, audiences are offered a calm – if slightly unsettling – moment to contemplate how we use water and how we could be more conscious with our consumption. Designed with a simplicity that belies the complexity of our situation, Fall gives audiences the space to confront the reality of climate change, and consider what comes next.

With each drop, Fall poses the question: what can we do in our own lives to create change?

Every drip, every action, counts.

You’ll be able to see Fall for yourself at this year’s Vivid Sydney festival, 27 May – 18 Jun 2022 from 6pm to 11pm in The Rocks.

Location of S1T2's Vivid Fall light artwork at the Vivid Sydney festival in 2022.

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