Kia Morphia anamorphic illusion stuns at the Australian Open

Kia's new logo unveiled at the Australian Open in 2021 on Kia Morphia anamorphic display.

Anamorphic LED display to launch Kia Morphia

We kicked this year off with Kia at the Australian Open, using a huge anamorphic LED display to launch their new brand identity in a first-of-its-kind artwork titled Kia Morphia.

The captivating anamorphic display transforms a 12m shipping container into a dynamic digital canvas, introducing audiences at the Australian Open and beyond to Kia’s new logo and brand direction.

Focused on bringing Kia’s new tagline – ‘movement that inspires’ – to life, we explored the precision, progress and power of movement through three separate anamorphic visualisations. The idea for each of these experiences was to demonstrate how Kia is using movement to bring the future to life. 

Kia Morphia grabbed attention, was highly shareable, premium and visually stunning; characteristics which help carry the new brand reveal further.

Dean Norbiato
Kia Australia Marketing Manager

When viewed from the dedicated viewing platform, the stunning visualisations appeared to 'break free' from their digital cube. Whether it was a tennis ball rushing at your head, an electric car gliding towards you, or a wave crashing over you, the immersive activation invites you to not just see but feel the grace and strength of each movement against the confines of its container.

Particle visualisation animation displayed on the Kia Morphia digital LED cube at the Australian Open.
Kia Morphia Launch Event.
Kia Morphia Future Potential.

Beyond the Australian Open, Kia Morphia is set to for inclusion in the Vivid Sydney festival. This ongoing success shows that the uncertainty and unpredictability that comes with a global pandemic calls not for an abandonment of experiential marketing, but an evolution of its potential.

Indeed, focusing on strong brand storytelling and a compelling user experience represents an opportunity for future-thinking brands to secure deeper audience engagement and interaction than ever before.

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