Kia Morphia anamorphic illusion to feature at Vivid Sydney

Image from the animation of Kia Morphia anamorphic illusion ready for Vivid Sydney 2022.

Kia Morphia returns for Vivid Sydney 2022.

First launched at the Australian Open 2021, Kia Morphia is a stunning digital cube that employs anamorphic illusion to explore Kia’s vision statement – ‘Movement that Inspires’. 

Featuring the latest in digital video technology, the superscale installation uses three dimensional anamorphic animations on a huge LED cube to reimagine the possibilities of movement. With captivating, trance-like motion, the installation highlights Kia’s commitment to innovation and sustainability as they adapt alongside evolving customer mobility needs.

In addition to the existing content displayed at the Australian Open, this year’s Kia Morphia has been upgraded to include a brand new visualisation reimagining the possibilities of movement. For more information, be sure to check out our project page.

You can experience this visualsation and the spectacle that is Kia Morphia for yourself at this year’s Vivid Sydney festival, 27 May – 18 Jun 2022 from 6pm to 11pm in Circular Quay.

Location of S1T2's Kia Morphia anamorphic illusion at the Vivid Sydney festival in 2022.

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