Pushing the limits of mobile AR with Nespresso

Using the Nespresso AR on a tablet.

Mobile augmented reality

We recently made our latest foray into mobile augmented reality with Nespresso AR. The brief was to find an innovative way to introduce and reinforce key messages at their 2019 staff training events through augmented reality. The result was three 10-15 second AR experiences using coffee-inspired animations to explore the story of Nespresso’s new Vertuo coffee pods at events across Australia.

While this was a down-and-dirty project with a whirlwind timeline (6 weeks from beginning to end) it was a great refresher in the affordances of AR. It was also a test of how quickly and effectively we could translate R&D into output, all while iterating on the fly.

From a tech perspective, the challenge of this project was how to balance high quality visuals with mobile AR tracking, all in an application that could be used in long-term, in-store activations. Ultimately that required a process of rapid testing an iteration designed to discover the capabilities of various software and hardware solutions and craft an integrated and reliable end product.

Take a look at the demo video below to get an idea of what the project was all about. And if you’re interested in digging into some of our R&D learnings, stay tuned for our next newsletter (you can subscribe at the bottom of the page) featuring a new blog from the team and a mini tutorial from one of our devs.

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