Roomfood is an interactive mood board for interior design

Roomfood web development.

Roomfood is a game-changer in the world of interior design.

We worked with them as they pursued this radical change and we crafted a highly customisable website to match.

Living Room with creative interior design elements.

Traditional interior decorating approach involved a heavy reliance on interior designers, for style and the resources that they had. roomfood delivers the opposite by empowering everyday consumers to decorate and furnish their own homes with a huge range of fabrics, lighting, furniture, and paints – these were previously inaccessible to those outside the industry.

Interior Design Moon board with various resources.

We wanted to create a website to match this concept, one that’s easy to use, one that grants users freedom. The expression of this is the roomfood moodboard where people can lay out their space to get a good idea of how their colours, furniture, and textures to create their dream space. After you’re happy with what you’ve created,  the elements are available for ordering through the in-built ecommerce system.

Roomfood website design.

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