S1T2 Looking For Unreal Engine Technical Artist Freelance

Programmers from S1T2 work behind the scenes on interactive experience design for Tyama Melbourne Museum.

S1T2 is looking for an Unreal Engine Technical Artist to freelance on a project with us. 

We’re looking for a mid-level or senior Unreal Engine technical artist to work with our experienced team of developers and artists. If you have an interest in creating Unreal shaders, this will be a good project for you. You would be working on environment shaders, water shaders, and procedural tools.

This role can be based in our studio in Sydney or remote. 

Experience needed: 

  • Unreal 
  • Blender or Maya 
  • Understanding of Unreal material editor
  • Niagara
  • Blueprints  
  • Source control (Perforce)
  • Performance profiling
  • PBR Workflow
  • Zbrush/Substance/Quixel 
  • Asset Optimization

If you have an interest in creating experiences that bring people together on and off the screen then we are hoping you can begin your journey with us. Reach out to natalie@s1t2.com  let us know what interests you about the role, any questions along with your CV, portfolio and any additional material that helps paint a picture of what you’re all about. 

About S1T2

At Story 1st Technology 2nd we create interactive experiences that immerse audiences in the future of storytelling. We collaborate with adventurous teams at cultural institutions, brands and social impact initiatives across Asia, the Middle East, Pacific and United States. We’re a multidisciplinary team whose experiences harness the powers of interactive storytelling which we develop and explore through our own creative process.  

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