Nicky Likes November 2018

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Welcome back to “Nicky Likes”! It’s been a while since the last issue, but I’m back and curating all my art and technology inspiration here at S1T2.

This past two months have been a roller coaster due to travelling and a lot of diverse projects. But that also means there are some new fresh references that I’ve found and also some older ideas that are worth mentioning again because they’re still awesome!

So welcome back again and here comes the inspirations I’ve liked these past two months!

From me…

Share Your Gift – Buck

As an artist, there are always up and down times for me to explore and balance my art, my confidence and my work. These past couple of months, I have been exploring I can stay motivated and how I can bring this energy to office moral. One of the animations that inspired me to keep doing artwork is Share Your Gift by Buck. This just hit it home for me.

Bottled Up – Multiple Artists

On the topic of balancing work while staying motivated in our own art, we’ve started to explore more formats for collaboration, art and personal projects that allow people to work and share alongside each other. As part of this, I came across Bottled Up by multiple artists. What’s most interesting for me is how the curator came up with a theme as a blank canvas, but that each artwork can still resonate and showcase the unique styles of each artist.

Artworks from the Bottled Up collection.

Hide & Seek – Malika Favre

Recently at S1T2, we’ve launched the Athena website, which has been receiving a lot of great feedback. We explored a lot of transformation animation and journey narratives to bring the brand to life. Along the way, I had a chance to mock up animation for the beginning the path motif, and revisited Hide & Seek by Malika Favre as inspiration. I’ve always admired how she uses negative space and illusion in her artwork.

From the team…

Only For Children – Anar Foundation

This year, we’ve been working on so many projects that use technology and design to educate both children and adults. From the Beyond The Stars program that helps Fijian children learn how to eat healthier, through to Westpac’s Mission Dust Storm that uncovers veterans’ invaluable skills in the civil world. It’s always interesting to work on these projects and design based on different audience perspectives to create a seamless educational experience. Our bossman Tash Tan shared this awesome campaign Only For Children by Anar Foundation. The ad uses the lenticular images technique to display a different massage for adults and children at the same time.

Poster design for Anar Foundation's "Only For Children" campaign.

Ultra-Light Touch Gloves – EPFL

We have been working on so many projects, from VR experiences that let you can interact with a fantastical environment in Kept, to a shopping experience where you can step through a portal in Future of Retail VR. In all of these projects, we’re always exploring how we can enhance our technology to make the experience more immersive. Our tech guru Joel shared us this video from École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) about their gloves that let you ‘touch’ virtual objects and I think it’s super awesome.

Art Attack: Wacky Races – S1T2

Which brings us to the past couple of weeks! Right here at S1T2, Inge has started hosting a weekly Art Attack group at work. The result is pretty interesting, especially since we are all have different skills and styles. (This week the theme was “Wacky Races”!)

S1T2 Art Attack examples.

From you…

What references are inspiring you? Share them with the team and I by tagging @S1T2 on Facebook or Twitter! You can also subscribe below to get my monthly inspiration round-ups direct to your inbox.

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