Super Wings Fly With Me

Interactive exhibition takes families on a tactile and immersive quest.

  • Shanghai, China
  • 10
    immersive environments
  • 60
    min experience

Imagine you could step inside your favourite childhood TV show and join its characters on the adventure of a lifetime. That was the guiding idea behind the experience design for the Super Wings: Fly With Me interactive exhibition. Immersive environments, tactile interactions and RFID integration come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience for the whole family.

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A global media sensation

Animated characters from the South Korean Chinese children’s television show Super Wings.

Super Wings is a beloved children’s television show, distributed in over 20 languages across the globe. For five seasons, the series has invited children to follow Jett and the Super Wings as they have exciting adventures around the world.

The idea was to bring together ALPHA’s hugely popular television show, our own creative and interactive storytelling talents, and the on-the-ground exhibition experience of Radius to create a must-see experience for young families.

An unmissable family adventure

The Idea

Drawing on the strong brand recognition of the Super Wings IP, our exhibition design brings together immersive storytelling, interactive technology and exceptional exhibition. Each of the 16 unique experiences invite visitors to step inside the story and take part, actively helping to make a difference to a world they care about.

Parent and child play in a highly tactile ball pit as part of Super Wings: Fly With Me interactive exhibition.

Modular design, satisfying experience

Exhibition Design

Unlike other exhibitions we have helped to design – such as the Macau Grand Prix MuseumSuper Wings: Fly With Me was intended to be a traveling experience. As such, our exhibition design needed to be flexible and reliable; able to scale up and down depending on the size and space requirements of any number of exhibition locations.

Experience design floor plan.

We focused on designing experiences that were highly modular and relatively independent. This meant that individual activations could be moved, removed or replaced without impacting the quality of the overall experience. We also focused on using technology that was economical and replaceable, able to be swapped in and out as required.

Embark on a self-guided adventure

User Journey

At its core, Super Wings: Fly With Me is an interactive story for children and their parents to explore. It’s a self-guided adventure through a familiar world brought to life like never before. From the very beginning of the experience, visitors are invited to take an active role as they become a member of the Super Wings team for a mission of their own.

Accepting the challenge, visitors will have to brave the elements as they journey through shifting ice sheets and flooded cities to help those in need. They’ll use their skills to guide animals and people back to where they belong. And finally, they’ll venture into space to explore the cosmic cause of Earth’s chaos and bring things back to normal for once and for all.

A personal journey

RFID Wristbands

Within the world of the exhibition, each child will become the hero of their own personal story as they engage in open and active play. Guided by their very own superpet – in the form of an RFID wristband – children will be given the agency to affect the world around them in meaningful ways as they engage in embodied and physical learning.

Chinese girl uses RFID wristband to interact with immersive environments in Super Wings: Fly With Me.

At the very beginning of their adventure, children choose their favourite superpet wristband to guide them on the journey ahead. In each environment, visitors will find a mission to be accomplished, as they search for hidden Super Wings logos. When they find them, children can scan their superpet wristband to retrieve clues and story points.

Early concept sketch of RFID wristbands for Super Wings: Fly With Me.

The RFID wristbands also serve a more functional purpose, helping to maintain the flow of visitors through the experience. They provide audiences with personalised, task-oriented goals to complete in each room while incentivising progression throughout the overall experience. And, at the end, children can keep the wristband as a physical souvenir of their adventure.

Crafting an immersive, interactive world


Setting out on their Super Wings: Fly With Me adventure, visitors find themselves immersed in magical environments full of interactive elements for them to enjoy. These environments are highly tactile, photogenic and shareable, providing a memorable backdrop for each visitor’s experience. With a bright colour palette, exaggerated landscapes and vibrant lighting effects, the environmental design immerses visitors in the Super Wings world, which comes to life at their every interaction.

Become the hero of the story


The creative direction that drove the exhibition design was focused on action and agency within a story world, rather than the narrative itself. The goal was to make audiences feel engaged and energised as they actively participated in each environment as a satisfying learning experience.

Children ride colourful bumper cars alongside the Super Wings in the Rodeo Roundup experience.

By inviting children to become a character inside the Super Wings world, we give them not only an exciting adventure, but an active role within that adventure. Within the vibrant immersive environments of the experience, visitors come to life as they bring their own story to life through imagination.

Early concept art depicts the interaction of Asteroid Attack within the Super Wings: Fly With Me exhibition.

At every stage of their experience, visitors are shown how their actions have an impact on the world around them. Alongside the interactive RFID wristbands, each environment contains highly tactile activities that encourage hands-on learning through interaction and play. In effect, the exhibition is a world for visitors to explore and experiment with in whatever way they desire.

Young child climbs on a floating block as she moves through an immersive environment from creative agency S1T2.

Shareable, memorable souvenirs

Digital Takeaway

In an effort to extend the visitor journey beyond the exhibition itself, we were careful to include a number of ways through which visitors could capture and share their adventure. While the vibrant immersive environments were themselves highly photogenic, we built in a number of ‘photo moments’ throughout the journey. Here, families were encouraged to capture the experience and share it with others, creating digital takeaways to last long after their adventure was complete.

A dedicated physical photo frame allows visitors to capture their Super Wings: Fly With Me adventure.
Young child poses behind an astronaut costume at the Super Wings: Fly With Me interactive exhibition.

Engaging children + parents alike


Super Wings: Fly With Me was designed to attract young families with children aged 3 to 8 years old. That audience group brings with it a diversity of cognitive abilities and stimulation requirements. Recognising this, the exhibition was designed to include both richly tactile experiences for young children, alongside more complex experiences that provide older children with increased opportunities for interaction and self-expression.

Mother and son laugh as they ride a bumper car during the Super Wings: Fly With Me interactive exhibition.

The exhibition also provides young parents with opportunities to engage and connect with their children. Each of the experiences has been designed so that they are amplified by parent participation, while not requiring it. Importantly, our design gives parents a framework through which to engage meaningfully, creating fun and interesting memories with their children.

One-of-a-kind interactive experience


Super Wings: Fly With Me debuted at the Shanghai Superbrand Mall in August 2021. Providing over an hour of fun for the whole family, the exhibition provided an educational and enjoyable adventure for up to 800 visitors every day. The exhibition is now available to venues across China and beyond, providing an outstanding opportunity to attract visitors and increase brand reputation through a memorable, shareable experience. For more information, please get in touch at

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