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Data without meaning can be cold, unrelatable, easily ignored. 1300 Home Loan had the data to prove Australia’s big four banks were not passing on interest rate reductions to their mortgage customers, but no way to present it persuasively to customers. We designed their new website to not only optimise for content and lead generation, but to tell a more convincing story about interest rate data. The resulting website design and Test Your Loan data visualisation used public records and users’ loan information to generate an interactive story about their own mortgage journey.

Functionality + meaning

The Brief
Screenshot of homepage from 1300HomeLoan website web development.

When they came to us to design their new website, 1300 Home Loan was looking to create a more engaging customer experience while extending their lead generation capabilities. With a focus on search engine optimisation, content creation and online storytelling, our goal was to create a website design that balanced visual aesthetics with robust system architecture, culminating in a user experience that made interest rate data more personal and accessible for customers.

Visualising data through story

Interactive Story

Entering the Test Your Loan section of the website, visitors were asked to enter their loan amount and lender. Using this information, and data from public reporting records around interest rates, we generated an interactive data visualisation showing the historical movements of their lender in contrast with the Reserve Bank.

Promotional image for 1300HomeLoan Test Your Loan interactive website design.

Beginning at the top of the page with their brand new house, visitors were able to scroll through the data visualisation as specialised copy was generated based on how well their lender had treated them in comparison to others. This individualised copy gave the data personality and meaning, helping visitors better understand the numbers and their impact.

Screenshot from interactive storytelling on 1300HomeLoan Test Your Loan website design.

Responsive website design


Across both the Test Your Loan module and  more traditional components of the 1300 Home Loan site, we prioritised responsive web development that could be viewed across multiple browsers and devices without compromising the online user experience. This responsiveness helped us ensure a smooth, satisfying user experience while adhering to accessibility standards.

Responsive website design created by S1T2 for 1300HomeLoan.

The website design was also optimised for both search engine rankings and security. Adopting an SEO-friendly multi-tier server architecture allowed us to facilitate a higher search engine results page (SERP) ranking while also ensuring that the brand could generate leads from various website package solutions offered to mortgage brokers.

1300HomeLoan responsive website design from digital agency S1T2.

Quality content + robust architecture

Sitemap for 1300HomeLoan web development project.

Given the importance of regularly updated, quality content to both search engine rankings and lead generation, we needed to ensure that the 1300 Home Loan website was able to scale independently. Using a modified WordPress CMS platform, we adopted a web development approach able to support customised content creation across broker, news and blog pages.

This choice meant that the company’s content editors – who often had no web development experience – were able to completely customise URL structure, page titles, iconography, menu links and more in line with SEO best practices. As a result, the website was able to facilitate timely content generation independent of an external web development team.

Integrated CRM tracking

Tracking Integration

In line with the goal of improving lead generation, we also included customer tracking into the 1300 Home Loan website design through integration of the SalesForce CRM. Adopting this kind of integrated web development methodology allowed us to track lead sources and conversion rates across the website.

Data from these systems could then be used to make evidence-based decisions both online – through amendments to the site’s content and user experience – and offline – in the company’s phone scripts and other sales tools. For a large systems firm like 1300 Home Loan, enabling this kind of data-driven decisions was crucial in allowing the new website design to play a positive role in optimising the company’s profitability.

Man uses 1300HomeLoan website on laptop device.

Future of the narrative web

Future Potential

While the background systems and integrations were crucial in making the 1300 Home Loan website an effective digital tool, it was the interactive, story-driven data visualisation Test Your Loan that really set the site apart. Launched in 2012, the website has seen over $XX dollars in loans tested. In doing so, Test Your Loan demonstrates the particular power of web-based interactive narratives, especially when paired with dynamic and personal data sources.

Animated Street.

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