How a marketing consultant can take your organisation to the next level


Today, we’re embarking on a detour from our usual technical insights to shed light on marketing consulting, and how we’re helping our clients garner some lucrative returns by tapping into the techniques honed inside the creative studio. No fancy jargon – just real strategies we’re already using to help organisations thrive.

What is a marketing consultant

Before we get into details, we want to be clear what we mean when we use the term ‘marketing consultant’. A marketing consultant is an expert who combines their deep understanding of the principles of marketing with strategic acumen to help organisations generate a return on investment. A marketing consultant with the right expertise can help you navigate the intricate landscape of marketing, identifying opportunities for growth and developing innovative approaches to customer acquisition and retention.

What does a marketing consultant do

Marketing consultancy in general revolves around the art of communication and rhetoric. It focuses on crafting compelling messaging, creating impactful content, and implementing targeted campaigns all with the ultimate purpose of driving organisational growth and audience engagement. Another way to contextualise what a marketing consultant does is they provide expert guidance and advice to brands seeking to improve their marketing efforts in order to achieve specific outcomes.

A large majority of KPIs in marketing consultancy revolves around bottom line indicators, e.g. sales and profit, but nowadays a holistic marketing strategy may also consider broader sentiment-driven metrics such as advocacy, share of voice, participation rates and impact

How can a marketing specialist help me

A marketing specialist can be a valuable asset when it comes to promoting your brand. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, a marketing specialist has the expertise to develop effective strategies tailored to specific needs. Here’s what a marketing consultancy firm or marketing consultant can help with:

  • Define your brand positioning and values;
  • Help you create a website or determine whether your current website is effective;
  • Create a strategic marketing blueprint which can include market research and analysis;
  • Manage your digital marketing and online campaigns;
  • Support the initial and ongoing creation of content;
  • Analytics and reporting; and
  • Lead generation and conversion optimisation.

5 of the best marketing campaigns to amplify your brand

Great marketing is often characterised by its ability to captivate audiences, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impact. The examples below demonstrate how great marketing can build a strong brand identity, ultimately driving success in a competitive marketplace. If you are looking for strategic marketing solutions tailored to your business needs, we invite you to contact us today. Otherwise read on for some examples of award winning digital marketing campaigns made over the last few years.

Create a digital brand launch: Athena

The Athena website launch was designed to introduce a new brand identity and digital presence to the highly competitive space of home loans, showcasing their unique product offering and tone of voice in a memorable way.

The new website allowed Athena to create a cohesive and immersive brand experience that resonated with their target audience – refinancers with low loan-to-value-ratios. By leveraging various digital channels such as websites, social media platforms, and email marketing, Athena was able to make a splash to effectively convey their brand story to potential customers that had never heard about them before. The result was over 300% growth in loan book value since launch.

The Athena project utilised visually stunning animations, interactive elements, and captivating storytelling techniques to engage audiences. In turn, it provided Athena with the opportunity to generate excitement and buzz around their brand at a time when cut-through of their digital marketing was critical.

Expand into new markets: Hume Bank

To successfully expand into new markets, Hume Bank embarked on a comprehensive website revamp with the primary goal of enhancing their digital presence around Australia. The revamped website incorporated intelligent data-driven features, such as location-specific offers and recommendations, to enhance relevance and engage potential customers on a more personal level.

The user experience of the Hume Bank website was carefully crafted to deliver a seamless journey that resonated with the target markets they aimed to penetrate, all while ensuring that their existing customer base remained engaged. By placing a strong emphasis on customer-centric experiences, Hume Bank ensured that their website catered to the user profiles of interest as they traversed content and product information across the website.

The revamped website was also optimised for cross-browser compatibility, designed to work across all screen sizes, guaranteeing a consistent and user-friendly experience no matter which device or browser used. By personalising the website experience, Hume Bank effectively connected with potential customers to establish a strong digital brand presence outside of the Albury-Wodonga region.

Event marketing: Kia Caraoke

Premiering at the Australian Open, Kia Caraoke revolutionised event marketing by seamlessly blending the thrill of karaoke with the excitement of driving. This immersive experience transformed Kia cars into mobile karaoke booths equipped with audiovisual systems, captivating attendees and driving brand connection.

At the heart of the project was the integration of Kia Caraoke into the Australian Open’s vibrant atmosphere. Before and after games, attendees had the thrilling opportunity to select their favourite songs and showcase their vocal talents while being placed inside the latest Kia car model. Then, they were able to share their Kia Caraoke experience on social media, amplifying brand visibility and fostering organic word-of-mouth marketing. This unique fusion of entertainment and brand promotion created an interactive and memorable experience that resonated with the audience and generated widespread excitement. 

The success of the Kia Caraoke project exemplifies the power of event marketing to create immersive brand experiences. By seamlessly blending karaoke and driving in a high-profile event setting, Kia was able to forge lasting connections, solidifying their brand presence in a way that left an indelible impression on the brand.

Amplification of a physical space: Queensland Remembers

The Queensland Remembers project commemorates the service and sacrifice of servicemen and women, showcasing an example of how a physical space can be amplified to create a powerful immersive experience.

Designed as part of a larger campaign to commemorate the Anzac Centenary, the website served as an online extension of the Queensland Remembers public art installation. Through the digital experience, users could contribute personalised virtual poppies to a virtual reflection pool, allowing them to share their personal stories of remembrance and engage with the campaign in an immersive way.

The website’s contemplative atmosphere was created through flowing water ripples and drifting poppies achieved with WebGL technologies. Hidden interactions allowed users to influence the behaviour of the water in the reflection pool, providing moments of delight and engagement. During the month-long campaign leading up to Remembrance Day, over 1,300 poppies were created and submitted, including VIP contributions from prominent figures.

Enhance the customer experience using lifecycle marketing: Menulog

Menulog Baller Banquet exemplifies the power of lifecycle marketing in creating recurring personalised customer experiences. From the initial interaction, Menulog used each stage of the consumer journey to build brand affinity and drive increased food purchase conversions. Through targeted messaging and dynamic content, Menulog nurtured customers throughout a customer lifecycle, ensuring they were engaged from the first order to every subsequent purchase.

Menulog Baller Banquet showcases the effectiveness of lifecycle marketing in capturing attention, fostering loyalty, and maximising customer lifetime value by delivering a tailored experience that aligns with customers’ preferences and behaviours. The campaign was kick-started with a TVC from brand ambassador Snoop Dogg along with the famous ‘Did somebody say Menulog’ jingle. It was then amplified through our digital platform, expanded to encompass a loyalty program where customers could place unique orders such as ‘spend $420 to receive 100 credits’. These credits could in turn be traded for unlocking a mystery box revealing prizes and discounts for customers.

In this manner, Menulog was able to effectively utilise lifecycle marketing to increase basket size and frequency of purchase through a delightful journey that resonated with their audience.

A marketing specialist for a unique approach

While there are different marketing specialists available for various needs, collaborating with a studio like S1T2 offers distinct advantages when it comes to marketing. Part of what sets S1T2 apart from other marketing specialists is our ability to seamlessly execute marketing strategies using our unique approach and in-house engineering team. When you engage S1T2 as a marketing consultant, you are not just working with a studio that offers advice then walks away, you are partnering with a studio that has the expertise to complete a campaign from conception all the way to realisation.

S1T2 differs from a typical marketing consultancy in our emphasis on the art of storytelling as a foundation for marketing success. Our love for story is what inspires us to craft compelling marketing strategies that aim to resonate on a deeper level.

Interactive storytelling is changing digital marketing consulting

As audiences increasingly seek engaging and immersive experiences, interactive storytelling is revolutionising the landscape of digital and marketing consulting. This shift has compelled marketing consultants around the world to embrace interactive storytelling as a powerful tool to captivate and connect with their target audience.

By integrating interactive elements, such as interactive experiences, gamification, or personalised content, consultants can create dynamic narratives that invite active participation and foster a deeper level of engagement. This approach not only enhances the impact of marketing campaigns but also enables consultants to gather valuable insights through user interactions and data analytics. The paradigm of passive consumption is giving way to a new era of interactive storytelling, wherein brands, organisations and institutions have the opportunity to forge authentic connections, leave lasting impressions, and drive significant outcomes, all within the digital landscape.

What is the difference between a marketing consultant and a digital marketing consultant

Both a marketing consultant and digital marketing consultant possess valuable expertise, however there are notable distinctions between the two.

A marketing consultant offers a comprehensive range of marketing solutions, encompassing various channels and strategies. They focus on overarching marketing strategy, branding, messaging, and customer engagement. In contrast, a digital marketing consultant, similar to those found at S1T2, specialises in the digital realm, utilising online platforms, tools, and technologies to optimise efforts. The advantage of a digital marketing consultant over a more traditional marketing consultant is their ability to provide concrete and measurable returns on investment through technologies that track metrics and analytics.

At S1T2, our expertise lies in crafting effective digital campaigns, engaging new audiences in captivating ways and then analysing measurable data-driven insights. With the ability to track and analyse key performance metrics, such as website traffic, conversion rates, and engagement levels, organisations are able to derive valuable insights into the success of their digital marketing initiatives.

How do you find a marketing consultant

When it comes to finding a marketing consultant, it’s crucial to look for a partner who combines expertise with a track record of success. As you embark on your search, consider the advantages of choosing a creative studio like ours with experience executing campaigns and projects all around the world.

About S1T2

S1T2 is a dynamic creative studio that was founded by a group of individuals driven by a profound passion for the art of storytelling. With a shared belief in the transformative power of narratives, the talented team at S1T2 dedicates themselves to crafting captivating and immersive experiences across various mediums. Their collective expertise in visual design, technology, and innovative thinking allows them to bring stories to life in unique and engaging ways. Across all projects, S1T2 strives to create meaningful and unforgettable experiences that resonate with our audiences and leave a lasting impact.

What we’ve learnt providing marketing consulting services for clients for +20 years

Our travels have exposed us to diverse industries, cultures, and markets, allowing us to understand the intricacies of effective marketing. Every organisation is unique, and success lies in tailoring any approach to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. To help with your marketing, here are some of the things we’ve learnt along our journey that can empower your business and drive impactful results.

#1: Story first

‘Story 1st. Technology 2nd’ doesn’t only reflect our unwavering commitment to storytelling but also underscores our dedication to delivering experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level. It is our humble opinion that when story takes precedence, it allows our marketing to be transformative, leaving a lasting and meaningful impression.

#2: Be open to change

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, having a culture that is open to change is crucial for success. It goes beyond mere adaptability and requires a humble mindset that actively seeks ideas and inspiration from anywhere in the world. Our work has given us the privilege of embarking on remarkable journeys that span from our cherished local community to the awe-inspiring farthest reaches of rural and remote areas across the Pacific and we embrace every opportunity to learn, grow and expand our horizons.

#3: Fail fast

We encourage a fail-fast mentality, valuing quick experimentation that leads to insights. Through this iterative process, we continually refine our marketing strategies to unlock new possibilities, seize untapped opportunities, and stay at the forefront of innovation. By embracing failure as a stepping stone to success, we empower our team to adapt, grow, and deliver even greater value to clients and customers.

#4: Data is a friend

We rely on data as the best of allies, recognising its immense power in guiding the decision-making process. Data serves as a compass, offering objective insights that enable us to determine the success or failure of endeavours. Without the means to collect data from marketing efforts we cannot make informed decisions to understand what is working – or not. By leveraging data however, your organisation can unlock a deeper understanding to campaigns, allowing the team to make the right choices that lead to optimal outcomes.

#5: Anything is possible (with the right team)

Finally, at the core of our philosophy lies an unwavering belief in the transformative power of a team. With a talented and dedicated team, you are able to push boundaries and achieve remarkable feats that would be otherwise impossible. But a team doesn’t just mean the internal team; it extends to include our clients as well. By forging a strong partnership, sharing knowledge, and aligning our goals, we can leverage each other’s strengths, expertise, and perspectives to create truly extraordinary outcomes. The possibilities in marketing are truly limitless, and we are here to break barriers and redefine what is achievable.

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